Billable Items

JLSw™ Products and Billable Items

inkVerb™ Namespace (Ink-7 included free with VerbOne™ Web/Email Hosting)
Annual Namespace Schedule for YOURNAME.verb.…
$10 Ink-2: .ink, .email
$20 Ink-4: .ink, .email, .blue, .guru, .kiwi, .pink, .red  (choose two more)
$25 Ink-7: .ink, .email, .blue, .guru, .kiwi, .pink, .red  (all)
$50 Ink-9: .ink, .email, .blue, .guru, .kiwi, .pink, .red, .rocks, .uno
Each has different apps (blue: cloud, guru: dev/ftp, kiwi: media, red: biz)
.rocks offers perks and helps open source developers, .uno is customizable,
Billed in full every December 10, pro-rated otherwise

VerbOne™ Verber™ Web/Email Hosting
$20/mo. starting namespace and inkVerb™ Ink-7 verb.… domains plan

Verber™ web server management (automated-standardized settings and app control)
 - Use hosting as a cloud/media storage, unlike many ‘unlimited’ hosting plans
 - Ubuntu LAMP stack VPS region-specific hosting with SSD system space
 - Postfix/Dovecot email server, IMAP/SMTP/POP, webmail, and inbox/alias control
 - Approved & installed web apps
(WordPress, ownCloud, Ampache, Ghost, RoundCube, PostfixAdmin, SuiteCRM, OrangeHRM, Fossil, phpMyAdmin, etc., may vary)
 - Storage space with sftp (secure ftp) access
 - SSL certificates for all websites (FREE via Letsencrypt).

Pricing Calculation for Hosting:
Lowest available plan is $20/month. Pricing is calculated by DigitalOcean VPS droplet fees plus retail markup of $10/month or 25%, whichever is greater. This markup may be negotiated down for some larger account clients based on “low-maintenance” history. 25% markup does not apply to DigitalOcean optional automated backup and Block Storage fees, these may be listed separately as a “surcharge”. See for current rates.

Poetry Is Code™ Consulting & Mission/Values Visioned Mapping (innovation, brand & strategy design, marketing, individual/team coaching, self knowledge)
Consulting includes an online questionnaire, a 90 min Mission/Values Visioned Mapping Session, and a typewritten “MVVM” summary, in that order. First time vision mapping is free, one per client, based on availability. Once established, re-visioning a brand’s mission/values requires time and is billable at $50/hr.

Pricing for Digital Contenting (for non-printed materials):
Copywriting/Ghostwriting/editing: $3/100 words, $100 minimum for total project
Graphic/Web Design: Based on $50/hr estimate, negotiated per project
*Digital contenting is based on the brand’s Mission/Values Visioned Map.
*Subscriptions and volume overrides are negotiated based on $50/hr estimate.

Vrk™ Tech Support (custom cloud control, trouble-shooting, and migrations)
$50/hr, 50% of estimate payable in advance, actual total due on completion
*Applying but not limited to VerbOne™ Verber™ Web/Email Hosting migrations and data dump preparation, such as communicating with or migrating to or from another hosting provider, or other non-Verber™ maintenance or customization. Does not apply to maintaining normal VerbOne™ Verber™ Web/Email Hosting service.

Disclaimer and Discontinuation
Web apps, other software, and services from third parties and all related content are provided “as is” with no warranty or guarantee. All billed items are provided without contract and may be discontinued at any time for any or no reason. After 28 days of non-payment, services will be interrupted and may or may not be able to be restored to their original state. To cancel service quickly, email with the email subject “Quit Billed Service”.